Grand Court of Colorado

Order of the Amaranth



A MESSAGE FROM HL BRANDI  - Grand Royal Matron

Being a leader is difficult, being a leader during COVID-19 is even more difficult. It is hard to see the positive when everything seems to be falling apart. But every organization is going through this and we must remember  - to see the rainbow we must ride out the storm that is before us.

Using brains, hearts, and courage, we will get through coronavirus.

As always, Dorothy reminds us "There is no place like home."

Remember I am here for you all you have to do is ask.

I hope everyone is healthy and in good spirits as the summer winds down.


H.L. Brandi Long GRM


A MESSAGE FROM SK JIM - Grand Royal Patron

A smile is a sign of joy,

A hug is a sign of happiness,

And a friend like you is,

A sign of good taste!

Some of our Courts are returning to holding meetings, please be mindful of all the requirements of your Temple Board, City, County and State.  Take care - stay safe I will see you when and where I can.     









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